Angry Duck Shop

Angry Duck World consists of 24 original characters mainly based on real people. Angry Duck Shop offers high quality merch with these characters.

Angry Duck World and its characters are created with inspiration from working in customer service and in offices, and from observing people's behaviour. This has lead to many funny and infuriating creatures' existence.

We offer high quality, limited edition merch featuring these characters. We aim to be as sustainable as possible with ethically made items. We will never offer anything made in a sweatshop! We want you to associate Angry Duck Shop with high quality products that last a while and we try to be as transparent as we can when it comes to manufacturing.

A handful of our products are drop shipping/made to order and clearly labeled, the rest is produced in low batch in Europe. Our shop is located in Norway, and that is where we usually ship from. Shipping from Norway is extremely expensive, and we do not offer tracked shipping because of this.

We travel regularly to comic cons all over the world, follow us on IG to see if Angry Duck is coming to a location near you soon!